Well-being Package

Well-being Package

When your dog or cat has been medically diagnosed with a health condition we are here to help. We will review blood results (you must obtain from your vet), discuss your pets condition with you and how we plan to help your pet. As a diagnosed illness requires a longer treatment plan multiple home consults are required. In the first in-home consult we will discuss:


  • What the condition is and how it affects your pet

  • What the blood results reveal

  • Any nutritional changes as indicated by the illness or condition

  • Herbal supplements to support your pet 

  • Emotional and/or behaviour problems your pet is displaying as a result of their illness


We will then prepare an individual, customised treatment plan unique to your pet. Two to four weeks after the first consult we will visit your pet for another in-home consult to assess how they are doing and adjust the treatment plan if required. We visit your home for a third and final in-home consult two to four weeks after the second treatment to assess your pet's progress.

Each of the three in-home visits includes a massage and laser treatment (if required) for your pet. 


The follow up consults:

  • Monitor the progress of your pet

  • Adjust the treatment plan (if required)


    Refunds available at 100% up to 7 days prior to consult, 50% up to day before consult and 25% refundable 24 hours or less from agreed time of consult.


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