Online/Skype Consult

Online/Skype Consult

Online/Phone Consults

Online/phone consultations are available to customers after the first home consult. This is because it is extremely important that we assess your pet ourselves to understand its physical and mental health to ensure we identify the correct treatment plan for your individual pets needs. Online consults are conducted over Skype or phone.  Online/phone consults are $30 for 30 minutes. Please send any new vets reports and blood tests obtained since our first consult to us by email prior to the consult. We will also require you to take photos of your dog or cat and send them through to us prior to the consult so we can see the continuing physical health of your pet.

An updated diet/treatment plan may be emailed to you following the consult.  Please allow 2-3 days to receive the report. A follow-up consult is recommended every 4 weeks to ensure that the dietary plan is working for your pet and make any adjustments necessary.


    Refunds available at 100% up to 7 days prior to consult, 50% up to day before consult and 25% refundable 24 hours or less from agreed time of consult.


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