Nutritional Consult

Nutritional Consult

Nutritional consults are for people that want to discuss how to improve their pets nutrition for optimal health. The consult includes a full nutritional consult and health advice but does not include herbal remedies or flower essences. We discuss how to either supplement your pets current diet or transition them to a species appropriate diet. We do not do nutritional plans for diagnosed medical conditions, e.g. diabetes, please consult a veterinarian.


Home Consults

Home consults are conducted in the comfort of your own home to ease the stress on your pet. Please send any vets reports and blood tests to us by email prior to the first consult. We will discuss with you your pets current diet, health care and lifestyle to determine the right nutritional and treatment plan for your pet.

A diet/treatment plan will be emailed to you following the consult. Please allow 2-3 days to receive the report. A follow-up consult is recommended every 4 weeks to ensure that the dietary plan is working for your pet and make any adjustments necessary.


    Refunds available at 100% up to 7 days prior to consult, 50% up to day before consult and 25% refundable 24 hours or less from agreed time of consult.


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