Lifestage Package

Dogs and cats, just like humans, have different nutritional, exercise and enrichment requirements as they grow and mature. Kittens and puppies, adolescent pets, adult, pregnant, lactating and senior pets all have different needs. It is our responsibility as their guardians to ensure they have all they need to be strong, healthy and happy. As they progress through life we need to assess their needs and change their diet and exercise levels as required. The purpose of the lifestage package is to provide you and your pet with the advice and therapies they need to maintain health.

Puppies and Kittens

When you bring a new puppy or kitten home you have the best intentions of doing everything possible to give it a good start to life including buying it a new bed, crate, carrier, bowls, leads, toys and food. Kittens and cats have different nutritional needs to puppies and dogs. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they must eat meat in their diet as they derive essential amino acids from meat.

Adolescent Pets

As you know, adolescents have hormones coursing through their veins which changes their behaviour that can result in them challenging you and forgetting any training they have already received. During this time they may also experience growth spurts. It is important to ensure they receive the correct balance of nutrients so they grow at the correct rate, as too much calcium in their diet can negatively affect development of their bones causing chronic illness later in life.

Adult Pet

When your pet has reached adulthood, its nutrient levels change again. There are no more growth spurts and your dog has all its adult teeth and you may find your pets activity level and behaviour changes. Your pets exercise levels will determine his calorie intake and the amount of food he should be eating. If your pet is at its optimal weight it should be on a maintenance diet. However if your pet is obese, a weight reduction diet is advised.

Senior Pet

When your pet starts to get older you notice a change in them, they have less energy than they use to, they sleep more, they maybe grumpy, show signs of stiffness and be diagnosed with arthritis or other age related conditions. At this stage of life, their nutrient requirements change again and they may require the addition of supplements to their diet. A senior pets metabolism may slow down and they may not be able to adequately absorb the nutrients in their diet. Annual health checks with a veterinarian are essential to monitor their health, thyroid activity and blood results for signs of any degenerative diseases. The results of blood tests help to devise a health and treatment plan specific to your pet.


Pregnant and Lactating Dogs and Cats

Pregnant and lactating pets have unique nutritional needs to maintain their health and that of their babies. Puppies and kittens will absorb all the nutrients they need to grow which can leave the mother nutritionally depleted, resulting in her getting thin, lethargic and eventually unable to maintain feeding her babies properly. This will result in long term health problems for the mother and the puppies/kittens. If the mother has a weak immune system, her babies will also have a weak immune system leaving them susceptible to conditions like demodex mange. It is therefore important to ensure that the mother is healthy prior to getting pregnant in order for her to have a healthy pregnancy, birth and be able to wean her babies. 

Regardless of your pets lifestage, we can help you and your pet with two in-home consults which includes discussing:

  • What your pet should be eating for optimum health at their stage of life

  • Quantities to feed your pet, as these change from puppy to senior and when pregnant

  • Herbal supplements specific to your pet and how they benefit your pet, especially recommended for senior pets

  • An individual, customised food plan unique to your pet

  • Enrichment ideas, especially recommend for puppies and adolescent dogs

  • Strategies for dealing with storms, fireworks, stress and anxiety

  • Emotional and/or behaviour problems your pet is displaying

A Lifestage package includes two in-home consults one month apart. Each of the two in-home visits includes a massage and laser treatment (if required) for your pet. 

The follow up consult:

  • Monitor the progress of your pet

  • Adjust the feeding plan (if required)

If your pet requires a herbal remedy and/or a flower essence specifically formulated for your pet's individual needs, these are available for purchase separately. 

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When your dog or cat has been medically diagnosed with a health condition we are here to help. The treatment package includes reviewing your pets blood results (you must obtain from your vet), discussing your pets condition with you and how we plan to help your pet. This package includes three home consults to ensure that the nutrition and treatment plan we advise for your pet is working, monitor your pets progress and make any necessary adjustments. Each of the three in-home visits includes a massage and laser treatment (if required) for your pet. 

Bowen Therapy and Myofunctional massage are effective therapeutic techniques used to prevent and assist healing of musculoskeletal conditions and acute injuries. It is recommended for dogs of all ages but is especially advised for senior dogs, dogs with degenerative conditions such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, post-operative recovery, performance and working dogs. We use a combination of gentle techniques to improve circulation and muscle elasticity, restore muscle function and promote healing. Your dog is treated in the comfort of its own home.

Nutritional consults are for people that want to discuss how to improve their pets nutrition for optimal health. The consult includes a full nutritional consult and health advice but does not include enrichment ideas or training advice. We discuss how to either supplement your pets current diet or transition them to a raw diet.

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