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Suppawtive Health Solutions are qualified, registered animal health practitioners who are passionate about your pets physical and emotional wellbeing. We are qualified in animal Bowen Therapy, myofunctional massage, nutrition and natural therapies that may prevent your pet from getting sick and heal your pet from illness and injury. We help you by providing customised advice and treatments based on your pets specific needs. This includes nutritional advice, recipes formulated to the National Research Council's nutrient guidelines and holistic treatment plans based on natural therapies that enable the body to function properly, prevent disease, treat illness, optimise health and wellbeing.

Our Services

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Nutrition influences the health and wellbeing of animals, with nutritional deficiencies giving rise to emotional, physical, behavioural and nervous disorders.


An animals overall health is vastly improved by modifying its diet, especially with balanced recipes.


Changing your pets diet can actually restore it to full health and wellbeing. As qualified nutritionists we discuss how you can supplement your pets current diet for optimum health or assist you in transitioning your pet from a commercial pet food onto a natural, species appropriate balanced diet.


Bodywork & Laser

Bodywork includes Bowen Therapy and Myofunctional Massage. Two gentle and relaxing treatments resulting in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort,  improved movement and relief from musculoskeletal and related neurological complaints, including acute sports injuries, arthritis and chronic pain. 

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) or Red Light Therapy are also used in the treatment at no additional cost to assist healing and pain relief.


Natural Therapies

Natural therapies, which include herbal remedies and flower essences support self-healing from ailments that frequent our pets and assist the body return to full health.  


We take a holistic approach to treating your pet which means that we don't just treat the symptoms of a diagnosed illness but we treat the cause of it to prevent it reoccurring. Promoting a long and healthy life for your pet.

When nutritional and natural therapies are combined, they work together to restore your pet's health holistically. 

Newspaper Articles


Stretch and Massaging your Dog on the Gold Coast   by Amanda Robbemond, Gold Coast Bulletin, August 24, 2018

It is not only humans that need massages and stretching — you pet pooch does too.

Catherine Gabbott, of Suppawtive Health Solutions, will be hosting three classes through Gold Coast City Council over the coming months, teaching locals how to massage and stretch their dogs safely. And while it might seem like a luxury, Ms Gabbott said keeping your pup supple meant fewer vet bills as they aged. It could even help manage arthritis.

“They are prone to the same health conditions … and sprains like us,” she said. “Safely stretching can reduce animal injuries, especially in active dogs. “We wouldn’t do a marathon without conditioning ourselves, warming up the muscles is similar in animals.”

But massaging or stretching your pet is not just healthy for them, Ms Gabbott said, claiming bonding like this with your dog was also healthy for humans. Read the full article here



My boy starting seeing Catherine 18 months ago, and has changed personalities since being regularly treated. Catherine has a plethora of knowledge in nutrition, behaviour, body condition, and the list continues... Catherine has been an absolute saint for my family, with all of my five dogs now seeking treatment. As a sporting family, Catherine is on speed dial. Thank you so much Catherine, we appreciate you 🐾💕

July 2019


Catherine is great with the fur babies and does a wonderful job at relieving them from pain and tension throughout the body. We have used her a number of times for our boy and had fantastic results. Hes so much more comfortable in his skin 

February 2019



Thank you so much Catherine for your service to my girl this morning, from not being able to stand and walk around she is now up walking with ease and freedom she is smiling which I’ve not seen in a while😀 I would recommend you to everyone 🙏 Binka says thank you 🐶🙏😚 and we will see you in 4 weeks

March 2020


Since starting treatment on my boy who had cruciate ligament surgery and currently has a tear in the other knee, he has gained more flexibility. His energy has increased, he is no longer needing medication on a daily basis and his muscle tone is not deteriorating. He is so excited when Catherine arrives, she definitely has magic hands.

October 2017



Catherine is awesome! Catherine was recommended to me to treat my 13yo male Lab. After the first treatment, he was a different dog. He’s smiling & happy again. Catherine is now treating both my Labs. The change in both of them has been incredible. I can not recommend Catherine & her treatments enough & the puppies love her too...thank you Catherine

August 2020

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